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"Excellent plans at extremely low prices"

Parade Hosting provides reliable services and offers excellent plans at extremely low prices that are affordable to anyone!

I highly recommend them to those who seek quality hosting. Don't miss out! Join the friendly community now!

–Vera Yan,

"I honestly can't fault Parade in any way"

If I'm honest, what I have to say about Parade is nothing more than anyone else would say! I have, of course, tried other hosts, but even after years away from the 'website world' I came back.

Parade offer amazing prices, and the support can't be compared. I've always had fast replies, and tons of helpful advice. I honestly can't fault Parade in any way, the perfect host, in my eyes, and I can't thank you enough :)


"I'd highly recommend Parade Hosting"

Since switching my website to Parade Hosting, I have had to deal with very little down time, exceptional support, and an amazing service overall! When I first switched, I had problems with my domain name that were fixed within a short amount of time – faster than I thought. I'd highly recommend Parade Hosting to anyone who wants good uptime and a good service for a good rate!


"Nothing but reliable and helpful"

Parade Hosting has been nothing but reliable and helpful. I've had my website hosted with the company for almost a year now, and I have no plans of leaving anytime soon.

The service is unbelievably helpful and the people are friendly. And unlike other hosting companies who are difficult to reach, Parade Hosting always quickly respond to any problems or questions that I may have. They really try to connect to you personally to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with the services provided.

The downtime is also extremely minimal, and pages load quickly. The services highly surpassed my expectations. Overall, Parade Hosting offers friendly, helpful, reliable, and inexpensive services.


"Excellent prices, reliable servers and extremely helpful staff"

When I first discovered 'Parade Hosting' I saw the prices and thought 'surely these prices cannot be right reflecting on what is offered'. I ended up speaking to the chat host that was on the site and found out these were true. At first I was a bit weary and thought the prices were so cheap compared to what is already out there there must be a catch and nearly stuck with my old host (DreamHost).

I was so glad I decided to take the plunge and on my 19th birthday I used what little money I had left in my savings and paid outright on a Shared package "Blizzard". It was the best decision I have made regarding a hosting website: they are very reliable, I have never known my site, their main page or client page to be down.

When I first joined I had never used cPanel before but I contacted Support and Chris (one of the owners) was actually very helpful, had quick replies and helped me. When I was with DreamHost it took forever for them to reply to my questions and sometimes didn't help or even answer my question.

I say take the risk and you will be glad you do, excellent prices, reliable servers and extremely helpful staff – no scary catches. You will feel safe and secure with your site(s) being hosted through Parade.

– Daniel,